Today in India, we are celebrating the festival of colours, HOLI. A festival associated with filling ever bodies life with colours, happiness and love. Holi signifies the importance of victory over evil, truth over lies and happiness over problems. Holi is celebrated every year in India. It is a festival where enemies are made friends […]


Best Leadership Books for 2021

Books are able to provide us with a multitude of knowledge about a wide variety of topics. Leadership is a topic that you can not fully learn through studying texts, as there is no single correct path to becoming a successful leader. However, you can discover many leadership aspects through books, as many writers provide… […]

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The Coupling

Verse 1: Wife : (Excited) Come check the tomato plant, the seed and grown. Husband : Checks the seedling, smirks an says “The leaf size is even smaller than the leaf seen on the top of a tomato, you called me to see this?” Excitement Dead Small funny stories of husband wife and their relationship […]

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Working From Home

Set up your Home Office for Success Are you working from home? If you are choosing or have to work from home, it is important to set up a nice and functional work area. This will keep you organized as much as possible to get the work you need to get done, done. I personally […]

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Work from Home- Pros

Enough has been spoken about the work from home cons. Let’s have a look to the brighter side of it and understand how lucky are we. You save time from your travel – Oh and more so if you are professional working in any busy metro city in India then you save almost 4-5 hours […]

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It’s “Back to School” Season!

September is here and that means that classes are starting up again. This is a unprecedented fall semester as schools tackle virtual classes, remote learning, and all things online due to COVID-19. The back-to-school shopping list is different this year as it may include a tablet, laptop, monitors, headphones with built-in microphones and a webcam. […]

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Work from home – Stress free

In this in new work culture “work from home” has come up with many challenges of which NO WEEKENDS or NO HOLIDAYS has become common. Have you faced this problem too? Have you asked yourself how to ask for leave during work from home? How to ask people not to call on weekends? Or your […]

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